Bake my day!

Apparently, I was nice last year. I found bunch of incredible gifts under the Christmas tree. This book was one of them. By the way… how awesome is my bookmark? ;)

I am a baking enthusiast who does all the flour magic instinctively which is good but wouldn’t it be nice to learn some techniques and improve my skills? Of course it would! Actually, I found kneading the dough extremely relaxing and soothing. Let’s go further… Bad day? Nothing better than knocking back the dough using your fists or cut proved loaf before baking in a hot, hot oven. And all this cruel stuff is fully legal!

This is my first loaf based on Paul Hollywood's book. A classic bloomer. The simplest recipe I found. Really easy and good to teach you how to work with the dough.

After my magnificent attempt at bloomer I decided to move forward and try to make (or actually just make because “do or do not, there is no try” you know...) baguettes. Well done me! Can you see this fancy old-fashioned cloth? I could be an Instagram Queen.

As you can see baking is not that hard. I admit that it’s a bit time consuming but still worth it. Life is made up of small pleasures and a slice of freshly baked bread with butter is definitely one of them.

If I encouraged you enough to become the next Paul Hollywood then go get the book and conquer the gluten world with your devoted companions yeast and flour!

Ready, get set, bake! ;)

PS. Did I mention my true baking love is sourdough bread? No? Good… now you’ve got something to wait for, haven’t you?

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Daria Wilkus

Works as a PA. Loves to go on long walks and look at nature. Enjoys learning foreign languages, cooking healthy food and colouring. Long bath and relaxing spa treatment makes her perfect evening.

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