Bulldog Shower Gel Review

Grooming products for men are hard to find even in today’s market and the few ones which are available generally come with a lot of added chemicals. Luckily enough I stumbled upon Bulldog Original Shower gel which not only came with seven essential oils but also with an attractive price tag. The fine packaging and the affordable price of the shower gel compelled me to try it out. I have been using it for 2 weeks now and never before I have been so satisfied with a body gel meant exclusively for men. This stuff makes me feel reinvigorated after every shower and its fresh and minty smell lingers on the body for hours.
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The Bulldog Original Shower Gel for men comes many essential oils which are really helpful for rough male skin. Apart from these 7 oils it also consists of aloe vera and menthol. Aloe vera helps moisturize the skin and is also effective against minor rashes, while the presence of menthol gives a super fresh feel which lasts for a long time. The light menthol produces a tingling cool sensation as you wash off the lather and leaves behind a minty smell which is not too strong. Moreover the best part of the Bulldog Shower Gel is the fact that it is completely free of any added parabens, artificial colours, synthetic fragrances or sodium laureth sulphate. This gel makes my skin feel super fresh and clean with the added advantage of not lathering myself with sulphates and parabens. The overall packaging looks attractive and it could also be a great gift.

Just a few drops of the gel is enough to produce lots of lather and unlike other products available in the market the Bulldog Shower Gel never slides off the skin on application. It stays right where it was applied till you lather it up. One should ideally go for the twin pack since it would give you complete value for money. I have been using the Bulldog moisturizer after every shower and my skin feels fresh, clean and hydrated. I would recommend this product to all men who are tired of looking for a suitable shower gel which doesn’t come with the added chemicals. I really dig the refreshing scent of this gel. The hint of menthol makes me feel real fresh after every morning shower and recharges me for the busy day ahead.
I have very dry skin and most shower gel I have used so far have made my skin even drier.

However the Bulldog Shower gel doesn’t dry up the skin and its all natural ingredients hydrate the skin perfectly and keep it clean and fresh. Surely the best shower gel available in the market which offers the best value for money, the Bulldog Shower Gel has not been tested on animals and is absolutely suitable for vegans. Don’t think twice before purchasing this shower gel and try to go for the pack of 2 if you are keen to save a little.

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