Coloring for adults - my new love

First time I saw these colouring books for adults I was really sceptic. Another thing sales experts made us believe we need while actually we don’t. Then I got one from my partner - a colouring book called “Animal Kingdom”. It was love at first page.


You don’t need much to become colouring maniac. Just sit comfortably, grab your book and box of pencils and you are ready. Speaking of pencils I love Staedtler. They are quite soft and have anti-break system. Price is really affordable. Great for beginners as well as experienced artists.


Santa must have heard about my new hobby and for Christmas I got colouring calendar and new pencils. Well done! Amazing gift. The calendar encourages to practise colouring skills everyday and besides it just looks fabulous on my table. New pencils are also great. Huge variety of shadows, very professional set. A lot of possibilities to make your world even more colourful. And by the way it is almost March now so I am sure soon we can find great deals on calendars. ;)


Now let’s have a look why colouring is worth to give it a try:
it is relaxing and soothing
it helps with focusing
it will make you more patient
it will help you develop your creative side
you can do it in a cafe and look like a real poshy artist-hipster (not sure if they made iColoring but still) - everybody loves attention, right?


Do I really have to encourage you more? :)

And I also have a good news for the thrifty ones. Click here to find loads of colouring pages and feel free to be creative.

Happy colouring everyone!

Daria Wilkus

Works as a PA. Loves to go on long walks and look at nature. Enjoys learning foreign languages, cooking healthy food and colouring. Long bath and relaxing spa treatment makes her perfect evening.

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