Comparison between Neutrogena and L’Oreal Face Product

Selection of cosmetics is really a challenging task; there are thousands of products in market but before we pick any of these we have to think about our skin and associated sensitivity problems. This task is typical for males as well as females but experts recommend that it is good to check some user reviews before you start using any product because it helps you to gather public opinion and information about practical effects of that particular product. Here we are going to talk about male cosmetic products and the top list includes Neutrogena Men face Lotion with triple protection and L’Oreal Men Hydra Energetic Expert Moisturizer. Both of these are ranked on top position by users; I am using Neutrogena Lotion from past few months and I am fighting a completion against one of my best friend who is using L’Oreal Moisturizer from the same duration. After observing results of these products I am able to gather following information that may be helpful for all new users:

Neutrogena face Lotion

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This is actually an inexpensive option for your face that offers excellent protection form UVA rays. It comes with various fragrances and this is the major reason why I liked this product most. This face lotion keeps my skin healthy and saves it from sunburn by providing triple layer protection. I am using SFP 20 face lotion and its advanced formula let me feel safe from harmful UVA rays. One of the most beneficial things about this cream is its ability to heal razor irritations as well as dry skin problems. You will be glad to know that it works to recover aging signs of skin by providing more smoother and fresh touch to face. As Neutrogena is serving people from so many years you can trust this brand and this product carries lots of vitamins that make your skin look more healthy and young. You can opt for trial packages that come in small size and are available on Amazon at low price. It can cause little irritation over razor burns but also heals them; actually I never found any disadvantage of this product till now and will recommend it to all who are suffering with dry skin issues.

L’Oreal Expert Moisturizer

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This product provides a fast and long lasting glow with very healthy appearance to skin; it enhances energy level of skin and one can observe the results very soon. You will be glad to know that it offers continuous release of magnesium as well as vitamin C that helps to invigorate face while reducing fatigue and stress in perfect manner. I observed that it provides hydration for complete 24 hours and also provides recovery for razor burns by making skin smoother. L'Oreal keeps your skin fresh with a feeling of revitalization. I am surprised to see that how efficiently this cream helps to recover signs of tiredness, drawn features as well as dull looking skin; after using this moisturizer you will realize your skin is breathing with freshness. The only disadvantage is it is expensive and you get a very small quantity per bottle.

As you can see both of them are worth giving a try.

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