Crystal Nail File Comparison

For this article I wanted to test two different crystal nail files and discover which one is the best. I have heard for a long time that crystal nail files are better than traditional emery boards because they seal the nail completely and don’t lead to splits and chips later on. Although crystal nail files are more expensive than emery boards, I figure if it helps my nails become stronger and healthier it’s worth it. I tried two nail files.

Fabulous Files - Crystal Nail File

Fabulous Files - Crystal Nail File Picture:

It costs £9.69 and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Unlike an emery board, a good crystal nail file should never wear out, so you only need to buy it once (as long as you don’t lose it – I’m always buying new tweezers for my eyebrows since they seem to disappear all the time!)
My impression of this file is that it is the perfect size to keep with you in your handbag for when “nail emergencies” strike, and I like that it comes with a protective case. All you have to do to maintain this file is wash it with warm soapy water.

I decided to test each file for four weeks, and I definitely noticed a difference in the four weeks I was using this file. It really did seem to “seal” the ends of my nails and I didn’t get any splitting even though I used it quite regularly. I would definitely recommend this file if you’re looking for a crystal nail file.

Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File

Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File Picture:

It is more expensive than the other file at £12 but it’s also longer, so it’s perfect for toes as well as fingers. In the description I read that you can file back and forth with this file which you can’t do with standard emery boards (I imagine you can do this with the other crystal file as well, I just didn’t know that) so I tried that out while I was testing it.

Honestly, while this worked very well, I wouldn't say it was better than the Fabulous File one I tried first. They’re both very good quality files, so I would tell you to go with the cheaper option and save your wallet!

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