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Everyone suffers from dry, cracked feet at some point in life. A good foot file can help remove dry flaky skin and calluses, to restore your feet to naturally softer skin. A good foot file needs to have an easy-to-grip handle, be gentle on the feet, and be simple to clean. Foot files come in many different styles: plastic, stainless steel, and electronic. Here are three product comparisons of some of the best sellers I have found.

Cuccio Naturale Stainless Steel Pedicure File with Abrasive Refills

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Many foot files are disposable, so shoppers may be hesitant to buy something that regularly has to be tossed in the bin. But the Cuccio stainless steel pedicure file is not only durable, it comes with replaceable abrasive refills. When your surface has worn down you can simply peel off the old one, and attach a new one. There are two abrasive grits available, one for each side. The handle is easily grippable, and it’s easy to wash the file off after each use. This five star product is worth the extra pounds for keeping the feet soft and smooth.

Jessica Pedicure Foot File

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The Jessica foot file is simple in design, but don’t let that fool you. It’s gritty surface will remove even the most stubborn hard dead skin from your feet. It comes in a simple shape and has two different gritty textures on each side. It’s designed to be used on dry feet, and will last longer if you avoid bringing it into the shower with you. This inexpensive foot file will gently sand your feet, without feeling discomfort. It’s also affordably priced at under £4.

Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Pedicure Foot File

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Sometimes an electronic foot file is what’s needed to remove stubborn dry skin and calluses. This electronic foot files rotates, to help make feet smooth. The handle is easy to grip, and this effective foot file will keep your hand from getting sore while using. You’ll be able to easily hold the foot file from any angle. There’s no need to scrub away with an inexpensive foot file, as this one will easily do the job for you.

There are many choices when choosing the most effective foot file to make feet soft and smooth. A foot file should be inexpensive, as it is something that wears out through time, and needs to be replaced. The above three feet files can do the job, but the best foot file is the Cuccio. It’s stainless steel handle, and removable abrasive pads make is a great choice for people who like keep their feet well-manicured. Its smaller shape also allows you to focus on the spot that needs to be filed, lessening the chances of irritating healthy skin.

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