Imagine Your Skin Looking and Feeling Smoother Fast!

Are you worried about the firmness of your skin? If you feel that your face is ageing faster than it should; you may try a number of things to make your skin appear younger. Adverse weather conditions, regular use of make-up damage your skin.

There are various products available in the market that prevents your skin from aging before time. These products help to keep your skin hydrated and detoxified. Regenerating youthful cells is the secret to looking younger and firmer.
Skin looking dry, dull, grey & lifeless? There are various products available; it is important to conduct a methodical market survey to understand which product best suits your needs.

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Facial Clay

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This is a 100% natural product with no additives, no fragrances. Clays have always been used as a facial mask. It plays a significant role to beautify and refresh the skin. Clay plays an effective role to cure pimples, blackheads and helps in skin tightening. Almost every mineral found on Earth is present in this product.

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Facial Clay carries a negative electron charge. The product is used for facials, clay baths, acne, body wraps, foot soaks etc. Chilled clay pack is used as knee packs and for insect bites. You can now enjoy the benefits of clay in your own home. Beautify yourself and get refreshed!

Bentonite Detox Face Mask by SINIVALIA

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This is an all-natural facial mask and an anti ageing powerful cleaner used for exfoliating and moisturizing both for men and women. It is easy to get rid of toxins, dead skin cells and clogged pores. The product promises smoother firmer skin. The mask moisturises as it detoxifies, restoring your skin's healthy glow.

The mask gives quick and effective acne and blackhead solution. The product boosts blood circulation to skin and reduces built-up oils and impurities, stimulating collagen production. Once the mask is washed away you can get brighter, clear and firmer skin. The product is safe for sensitive skin as well.

If you are tired of looking for natural skin care products that work for sensitive skin; there are products ideal for moisturizing and acne treatment for sensitive skin.

Benefits of Bentonite Detox Face Mask by SINIVALIA

  • Exfoliates layers of dead skin cells
  • Clears skin of acne, blackheads & blemishes
  • Eliminates built-up oils, impurities & toxins
  • Reveals younger, firmer-looking skin

Results of using the products

  • Increased skin hydration
  • Less redness and wrinkles
  • Decreased pore size, acne and blackheads

Enjoy effective, fun-to-use and natural skin care products!

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