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Like a lot of people, I have brittle nails that tend to chip or break easily, especially when I’m busy doing housework or forget to trim my nails for a while. The American Osteopathic College of Dermatology says this is a common problem, especially for women. I’ve tried a lot of products that claim to strengthen your nails, but I recently read about a cult product that’s over fifty years old and still selling strongly – Nail Magic.

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I wanted to try Nail Magic because of its unique history as the world’s first nail strengthener and conditioner. According to the company, a professional manicurist with 35 years of experience perfected the formula in 1960. For eighteen years, it was only sold in a local department store in Portland, Oregon. While working there as an assistant buyer, a man named Ron Haken realized that Nail Magic was continually selling out, and this one small item accounted for a significant percentage of the entire store’s cosmetics sales. Without any advertising, sophisticated packaging or special offers, Nail Magic was a hit – and soon Ron became the owner and CEO of the company.

The description of nail magic says it has a unique blend of ingredients which stimulates the growth of natural nails, and is excellent as a basecoat, topcoat or clear lacquer. It’s also supposed to treat and prevent chipping and splitting nails.

I followed the directions for a clear lacquer, which involves shaking the bottle well and sparingly applying two thin coats of the polish twice a week for the first eight weeks. After that, you only need to apply the polish once a week.

At first I found it irritating removing the polish and re-doing it twice a week, but I eventually got used to the routine. It is time consuming though, so this might not be the product for you if you don’t have the time to work on your nails twice a week.

After four weeks, I noticed that my nails felt harder and I wasn’t getting any more splitting nails. I still chipped one nail, but overall I could feel that my nails were getting stronger.

I was really happy when I reached the eight week mark and only had to apply the polish once a week. By then I wasn’t getting any more chips. I even hit my ring finger hard on the kitchen counter and my nail didn’t break! I have to conclude that this product really does work if you stick to the regimen.

I would recommend Nail Magic to anyone who has weak or brittle nails, but only if you have the time to remove the polish and apply two new coats twice a week. It’s quite a chore if you’re like me and don’t normally spend a lot of time on your nails. Now that I only have to apply it once a week, I plan to continue with Nail Magic since I’m really happy with the results. Sometimes the original really is the best!

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