NIVEA Sun Protect and Moisture - Moisturizing Sun Spray

From my experience, NIVEA SUN moisturizing sun spray is a wonderful product that everyone should be aware of. This is because of the need to protect ourselves from potential harmful effects of the sun, such as the danger of skin cancer from a health perspective, and premature aging from a cosmetic point of view.
It is possible for the sun to cause damage to our skin since it is has no natural protection against ultraviolet portion of the electromagnetic spectrum of the sun’s rays. When these UV waves penetrate deep into the skin, it causes damage to the cells and this can result to cancer.

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NIVEA sun spray has a lasting moisturizing effect because of its Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of over 50, which blocks 98% of UV rays to keep the skin healthy and moisturized when applied. It also has enhanced UVA and UVB filter system that will give you immediate from the UV rays. It is rich in vitamin E to help you combat premature aging and free radicals that causes cancer. It is easy to apply and quick to be absorbed by the skin because of its water resistant texture. I can say it is my best sunscreen product for now.

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